Tell Me


Tell me you love me
Tell me I mean so much to you
Tell me I stand out of many
Tell me you want me to be yours

Tell me you like the way I look
Tell me my smiles make you giggle
Tell me my words inspire you
Tell me you like the spirit within me

Tell me you’ll stay with me forever
Tell me you’ll journey life with me
Tell me you’ll come and know my parent
Tell me you’ll walk the aisle with me

But much more

Tell me your words aren’t just for now
Tell me they’ll be true when circumstances change
Tell me you’ll remember them, many moments from now
Tell me it’s a forever love affair baby

Tell me you’ll still love me when the smiles fade
Tell me you’ll love me even when my colors don’t match
Tell me you’ll listen when my words don’t make much sense
Tell me you’ll love me when I become unlovable

Tell me you’ll love me when my plans fail
Tell me you’ll love me when my dreams seem misplaced
Tell me you’ll love me if ever I lose touch with my spirit
Tell me you’ll love me unconditionally

Even if you haven’t figured out how, just

Tell me you have decided to be mine
Tell me you’ll do all you can to make it work
Tell me you won’t throw me away at the slightest trouble
Tell me you’re committed to this

I know your words alone aren’t enough, but

Tell me you’ll follow the example of Love
Tell me you’ll let the Spirit guide you into all truths
Tell me you’ll stick to the Word
Tell me you’ll give Love a chance

In all,

Tell me you’ll let me love you the same way

Tell me you mean all these
And if not,
Just tell me.

I am the ImisiOluwa

I love you Plenty.

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