If Nigeria will change, it will be by a revolution…a revolution involving every true Nigerian, a revolution of changed lives, a revolution for excellence, sincerity, and most of all, a revolution of Love…a revolution that begins with the church…a revolution that has our Men of God at the fore front…a revolution where the walls of denomination are broken down…a revolution where churches are no longer in competition of programs, crowds, buildings, population, money, fame…a revolution where the church is one…a revolution where our church leaders are accountable…a revolution where church building projects are suspended to shelter the homeless, a revolution where programs are put on hold to feed the hunger…a revolution where we really do the work of the ministry…a revolution where we really become christ in the world…a revolution where we no longer worship God here or there, but everywhere…a revolution where the people worship God for themselves…a true revolution our government can’t resist…a love revolution too strong for unbelievers to resist…a revolution where we begin to look out for one another. I believe I’m the first to begin that revolution.