The Opium of the Poor

#COPIED from Olowu Kunle.

When a poor Church member’s son impregnates a poor church member’s daughter before marriage, they are denied church wedding and blessing. They would be ‘spiritually reprimanded’. In some cases, the parents get DISCIPLINED for not teaching their ” children in the way(s) of the Lord”. A sunday is set aside to spiritually castigate the families.However, when Mr. President’s Daughter was impregnated before marriage proper, nothing was wrong. All the Daddy G.Os were in attendance. They Ministered! Some gate-crashed! Their sermons were sweet! Even with the protruded belly of the bride, the wedding is perfect and the Church is the best place to join the couples!Great Men and Women, I humbly say welcome to Nigeria, the headquarters of hypocrisy and double standard and an ENTITY where Religion is indeed the OPIUM of the POOR……#NIGERIA…..
by Olowu Kunle.

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