The Same Thing-An Explanation.

It was ‘the same thing’ we did in those days it was only an audience of one that we did when our uncle gave us his Computer for use. And gradually we moved. We saved some money, sold one of our possessions and was able to get ourselves a second-hand Nokia 5200. And we continued ‘the same thing’ we had been doing with it, until the ‘flex’ could no longer hold.
Just at that time, our brother gave us a Nokia 5130c, and we continued ‘the same thing’ even in an easy way. But then it happened that we went out one day and didn’t come back home with it. And just like the creator was watching over us, a friend borrowed us his Blackberry Curve 2 and with Passion, we continued. We returned it after a month’s use and we received the gift of an HTC Windows phone. We continued ‘the same thing’ we had been doing until the phone needed another one.
After a while, another friend gave us his ‘shaking-screen’ HTC MyTouch 3g, and it took us to a whole new level. When our eyes began to dance along with the screen, we had to change the screen, and then we did, even better, ‘the same thing’ we did.
Then one day while we were doing ‘the same thing’ we did, the screen suddenly packed up and we had to move. We suddenly found ourselves back in time when we began using a Nokia 2620 that could only load 3 pages at one opening, but then, ‘the same thing’ did not change. Finally, few days ago,we were able to pay the bills for the repairs. And our HTC MyTouch 3g Android 2.1 phone continued the work it’s forefathers had been doing.
However, if the phone packs up today, or even when we move to using an IPad, a Tab or a Nokia Lumia,  ‘the same thing’ we had been doing will continue.
Some call it ‘determination’, others say it is ‘purpose’. Some say it’s a ‘divine call’ and others call it a ‘hobby’. But to us, it doesn’t matter what it is called, even on our death beds, it will be ‘the same thing’; we are accursed with ‘the same thing’.
For me, Imisioluwa, and the Naughty Boy: it’s A world of Truth and it’s various Complications-A world of words.
Whatever happens, we will never let our circumstance dictate our life.

Find what your life is about and make your life about it.

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