Woe to the rapist
The one has done such evil
The one who has defiled another
The one who has broken her soul

Be my Val, he says
Come to my house in town
But his heart is far from love
Lust has taken over him

I will give her all she wants
I will lure her to my bed
I’ll have my way with her
And I’ll be satisfied

She looks into the mirror
Wow, I’m so sexy, she says
So she leaves Moremi, her hostel on campus
With a distorted imagination of love

Woe to him
The guy who didn’t give up
Today is the day, he says
His libido on red alert

Since the devil fathered him
He has learnt his ways
With the strength of his arms
He pulls her to himself

Strength meant to protect her
He yanks off her skimpiness
Only enough to have his way
The next minute, he’s done

Woe to him
For he shall pay with years
For the guilt shall consume his heart
For his father shall reward him

Woe to him
The rapist
The one who raped the girl he claimed to love
The ever callous guy

Woe to him
The rapist

Dedicated to the guy who raped a girl in Ile-Ife on Saturday 14th February, 2015

#IamImisioluwa, and I’m sad.