Frustrating the Devil.

As for me, I’ve decided to frustrate the devil by adding to the frustration he had entered since calvary. I admit I may not have lived perfectly right all throughout this past week, but then, I won’t give the devil a reason to rejoice by letting that push me away from God. I won’t let that cause a partition between me and the Holy spirit. I won’t sit here in guilt.

The plan of the devil is to make me feel so guilty that I won’t be bold to enter and stay in my father’s presence. He wants me to hide when my father calls for fellowship.
But even if I don’t deserve to be forgiven, Jesus deserves to have me forgiven. He paid a lot, and I won’t let the devil waste his intercession. I won’t be too proud to receive forgiveness. I won’t try to pay for my sins with my own works, or by guilt.

So as for me, this morning, I’ll pick myself up from wherever it is, I’ll come boldly to the throne of grace and obtain mercy. I’ll lift up my hands and hearts in worship and will let the praise and worship help me focus on only Jesus. I’ll dance as if I’m crazy. I’ll pray with confidence, and I’ll let the sermon in church today add to me.
I’ll press the refresh button.
I’ll remind the devil he is a failure who has failed, and can do nothing about it.
I’ll fowó re n’ímú.
I’ll rejoice again.

#IamImisioluwa, and #IamChristian.

Enjoy your service without guilt…please, don’t waste the praise and worship by not participating with your Spirit, Soul, and Body.

My father and I loves you so much.

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