I think it will be amazing blending the uniqueness of our individual lives. It’s something I’ve always given a thought. And I wonder if we will find an intelligent way to live, if we will be stuck in the limitations of our upbringing, or be lost in the confusion of this present day.

To a very large extent, since I have left home actively and have been exposed to other families, I have reviewed and imbibed several ways of doing things. I’ve realized that ‘ayé pé mẹ́rìndínlógún’ (there are more than fifteen ways of viewing the world, and I’ve tried to stop letting my upbringing limit how I experience the world.

I’ve lived in a home where the husband cooked actively without grumbling. Prior to that, I had never seen this. The only time my dad cooked was when mum was not around. He wasn’t a bad man, he merely lived within the confines of the limitations he was privileged. I’ve had to sip in this family least I make a taboo of what was just my family’s incomplete experience.

Several times, I’ve sat my parents down, mentally, reviewed the things they passed on to me, identify those that are fundamental to humanity, those that align with the Life of Christ in me, those that were merely traditions subtle handed down by family, one that was started by certain individual long gone, and those that are outrightly evil. And I’ve asked myself how I want to live my life.

Dear FutureBae, as we prepare to make this journey of our lives, I hope, and I do hope, that we can sit down, both individually and with ourselves, and have an honest conversation about this.

How do we want to live our life?
By copying and pasting the past?
Are we going to discard everything from the past?
Or are we going to review and decide what will stay and what will go?
Are you coming with “that’s how my daddy use to do it” without trying to know why he did, and if the same must guide us?

I really hope we can have these sincere and intelligent conversations. And be a better version of what our parents did, and even more so what the society dictates.

I really do hope dear.

Hope your week has been great?

I am the ImisiOluwa;

Love You Plenty

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  • Hope says:


  • Funny at first but it’s one of those real time conversations people should have.

    I believe people should hold the view that what they know or have been accustomed to ought to be changed or tweaked, in a case where such is a threat to their relationships (marriages)
    This way, many relationships (marriages) will experience less friction.

    The latter part of this post lets out some useful details which call for deep reflection. This is especially for Individuals who are so rigid about (and have been used to) always wanting and having their ways.

    I hope many people will keep reading and learning from these kind of thoughts. Be open to new perspective and ideas. But most importantly, change and become better version of themselves, for themselves and to their partners.
    I feel this is one of the true essence of living.

    You’re a blessing, ImisiOluwa.
    Thanks for always dishing Sense!!

  • Tomi says:

    You took the words right out of my mind, Ife. Nice one💛

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