Day Seven – #40DaysAppreciation Challenge


I remember the first time someone asked me to be their mentor. I ran for my life. I cannot come and go and die young.
For now, I don’t think I have any mentoring to offer anybody.
So I’ve always offered friendship.
Let’s roll together
Let’s rub off on each other.
Let’s share ideas and run projects.
Let’s gist and just talk
And in the process, let’s Learn from each other

I might know some things that you don’t
I may have made some decisions with my life that makes me standout
I may pay attention to some things than others

But friends, and partners is what we are at best.

To all my Protégés
To all that I coach
To all that I mentor
To all who find my worthy of following
To all who seek my advice, and opinions
To all who look up to me
To all who call me ‘oga’ without any concern about my age

I am very grateful
You keep me very humble

I am @theimisiOluwa; I am grateful for my Protégés

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