Kinds of men…

I peeped into Facebook this evening and I stumbled on this post which appear to be fairly accurate but grossly incomplete:
There are  4 kinds of men in d world
1. The European who has one  wife and one girlfriend but loves the wife most.
2. The American who has one wife and one girlfriend but loves the girlfriend the
3. The Asian who has one wife and four girlfriends loves his mum the most.
4. The African who has one to  four wives, 10
to 20 girlfriends but loves himself the most. 

My addition:

There is a 5th kind of man…
Can you tell?

Disclaimer:the thoughts here are not the result of any formal or informal survey carried out by any means. It merely a creation of the writers imagination and perspective. This is not an actual statistics and should not be used as such.

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