Dear Adeola-mi,
I must confess how much you get me off my feet. Each time I set my eyes on you, or hear the faintest sound of your voice, my heart tinkles. At first, I thought it was only going to last for a moment; but many moments have passed now, and it has only grown bigger. Your smiles and laughter, your piercing eyes and your curves; it all makes a perfect portion and its charm, I can’t resist.
I must confess that each time I see you or stand close to you, you might see me like a gentleman who has got it all under control, but the truth is this: sometimes I really feel like drawing close and touching you deeply-into the innermost and the most intricate, till you fill my core. But then, I’ll like you to know that sometimes ago, long before I met you, long before I ever knew what the woman of my dreams would look like, just before I decided within me that you are the lady I want to spend the rest of my life with; I had purposed it in my heart and promised myself and my God never to defile you or use you as an object to merely gratify my raging sexual desires. I had decided to keep my underwear on until the day I earn the full and exclusive rights to be called your husband-having walked down the aisle with you before many witnesses.
So please my dear girlfriend. Don’t think I’m not sensitive or that I don’t have feelings. I do.  At just the right time, you’ll see me in my full manifestation and I will see you too. So dear, in a world where sex has lost its value, I’ll like you to know I’m going to stay sexually pure. I promise never to put you under the pressure for sex. So help me God.
I have always loved you, now I love you and I will always Love you.
Happy Valentine’s day

Your loving boyfriend.


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