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We all can’t underestimate the power of a woman.if a man has a woman that encourages him and pushes him forward he will do exceptional things.but though its true many want ready made men,while some still believe the believe the old fashioned stay by my husband method,the truth is if a woman stays by a man expecting him to produce results and the man isn’t making reasonable progress or showing any course for his life then d lady s just like sowing on the wrong such a case,it can’t be termed as not been able to endure .all I’m saying is this subject here is relative .and there r different sides to it.

We all suld look b4 we leap…….guess dats wat dat my bro wnt to end it with…….d reason y a lady is lukin 4 a wealthy man is bcoz she tinks she can’t explore her purpose nd she also she 4got she can make tins hapn…… Even in d absent of a guy…..A guy felt she wil make me rich if I marry,,,,nt forgeting d fact dat d future of a generation is in his sulder….well,,,I won’t blame both…..Y …..Bcos dey both fail 2 connect with d sources,,,,jst remind we al ave 1 life to live… extra live 4 anybody…..both male nd female …..let’s take our time and work vry hard 4 d day is rolling by……peace!!!!!

The guy does not need a ‘nagging woman’ neither does the lady deserve a ‘directionless’ guy.
Mosdt ladies marry the Vision of a man, afterall nt many guys are made up
True, bt love is the underlying factor. Even in the absence of knowledge genuine love prevails. So the question is What is Love? 1 Cor 13 esp vs 2

I am not denying that fact. If only most of our ladies (even in churches) can put did into consideration. What you hear now is “for better for stay, for worse for go”. Some churches do not recite it at all anylonger.

This is my view,if u re wise,u shud marry d kind of a person u deserve,dis wot i mean,if u re hard workin den u dont deserve a lazy person, 4 now,i may nt knw d person i will marry now bt i d kind of person i can neva marry.

Tayo:Well not to b biased, guys have a ready slant of blaming it on money when gpopg:@4irls leave, while they neglect issues of sensitivity, taking cognisance of her little things, remembering dates  and d likes.