Soliloquy by Flourish

(I am so excited to share this moment with you all. You’re right if you think I’m nervous. I consider it a great privilege to talk with you. Are you set?)

This is me, myself and I saying WELCOME TO PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH.

Growing up was filled with lots of memories. I’m sure yours has the same story. I was that girl who acted out many characters. What did I not do? I was a teacher conjuring names for my students, writing on the wall, marking their scripts and flogging those who failed. I acted as a TV host for different childish topics. Using the big Flashlight (you remember those ones with somewhat rough body and silver colour?)1, I sang to imaginary sea of heads. I also wore my mother’s high heels to preach to invisible young people. Believe me when I say that this is just a fraction of what I did as a child. The beautiful thing is that now as I grow into adulthood, I have lived out (and I am still living out) every one of those elements in refined ways, though.

Of all these childhood activities, there is this particular element that I have not totally refined. I have memories of how mum would rebuke me sharply but this girl just didn’t let go (I’m sorry, mother). Are you thinking what I am thinking? I guess you are correct! I was the ‘Queen of Soliloquy’ (pronounce this: “/Kwi:n ov solilokwi/”)2. People, I never stopped SOLILOQUIZING. Then, as a young girl, I just knew I always had something to say when I feel like talking to myself. I had several discussions with my head and mind (lol). Little did I know that it was a blessing in disguise.

Up till date, I have conversations with myself every now and then. During one of these “talking to myself” moments, I said that I feel people should learn to soliloquize. We can channel this into leading more confident and productive lives. Remember, it is just my musing so let’s talk about what your soliloquy should be about (or should we rather say what talking to yourself should be about?)

Here is a quick question: when was the last time you stood and looked at yourself in the mirror to tell yourself how great you look and how amazing your soul is? This is not an exaggeration but you have been created by God in a really fantastic way. You need to constantly remind yourself of this simple truth (by talking to yourself)! I will be upfront with you – this is a real self-confidence booster. And you know confidence will cause ripple effects at your home, school, office, industry, etc. It will be a hard thing for anyone to talk you down.

Let me show another area. See, I have had some times that I called out the other me and spoke to her. It is like Me 1 talking to Me 2. This simple act can help us greatly. Having conversations with your own self is likely to help you walk away from those unwholesome relationships, help your determination to do your exercise (keeping fit is not an easy task during this lockdown, you know) and help you see reasons to do what you have to do at any moment. The reason is because you are sincere and honest with your other self.

After these discussions with yourself, you most likely will have an increased energy to do what you have to do (your second you might just ginger you). I have been able to apply this in certain decision-making processes. The sincerity and trust with which my “second me” speaks with me convinces and wins me over. I have failed sometimes in this but the successes I have recorded far outweigh the failed attempts.

I will leave you with this question from my heart: “how well have you told yourself about yourself that your self can remind you when you have forgotten your true self?”

Thank you for musing with me. Comments and contributions are highly welcome. You can send me a direct message or leave a response here. Let’s rub minds together and help ourselves. See you on Wednesday with a bigger one.
Peace out!

1 the torch using big Tiger batteries.
2 my adopted transcription for lack of English phonetic alphabets on my keyboard.

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