The Frustration

The frustration
That makes us lose our inhibitions
Trying to meet up with others
But often swept under
Yearning for our voices to be heard
But never making it pass our beards

The frustration
That makes us ignore our passions
“Anything!, just get me out of the backstage”
Feeling no shame on our faces
It’s the same that drives the harlot
The same for some so-called pastors

We don’t want to be left out
We want to have something to bring out
We don’t want to be unnoticed
We want to be placed on the highest seat

But lo, we are not like them
Who are driven by a desire to blend
The frustration is painful, we admit
But we know just how to handle it
We look inwards,
Focusing on what lies in us
Not to prove a point
But to fill a void
Not to show we’ve arrived
But to contribute to life

For even when all is gone
And when what we hope doesn’t come
We realize in the moment
That we have all things in our system
So we hold on to our dreams
We fight for our believes

For the fun of it
For the sake of inner peace
We fall, we rise, and we smile
We have run this race before in time
In Christ Jesus and we won
Yes, every one of us.

So for us, it’s not a competition
It’s an expression
Not so much of a destination
But about the journey, the adventure
It is not to win the rat race
But to live out his grace


To those like me

Who haven’t had what they wanted
Who are still far from where they are headed
Who feel sad, confused, and frustrated
Who are under-priviledged
Who work hard, and are making sacrifices
Who are still holding on
Who keep on rehearsing
Who have reached the end of the rope

I am theimisiOluwa; if we faint not… ‘.

Happy New Week.

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Olalekan Owonikoko