The Twins

THE TWINS….a rather touching story.

I saw them, the twins, dangling uncontrollably to gravity, just under that thin sheet of pink cloth. I didn’t know why but the sight caught my attention. A second later they had been turned away, and a war began in my soul.

Various thoughts arose as my brain began to process what it had just seen. I wanted to see them again. “This girl must be wicked! How could she let them loose like that?” I blurted. I thought of going towards her for a chance I might catch them in sight, for it felt like I was going to lose my breath if I didn’t touch them, or at least, see them again. I thought of various ways to get her to bring them close. I thought of going to borrow something from her. Or just waiting at my door for her to walk past. “Now is a perfect time,” I said to myself as she seemed to turn towards me. All I needed was to walk past her room, pretending I was going outside.

At these thoughts, I laughed at myself, at how creative I had become just so I could see a lady’s breast. This is me, a ‘tongue-talking’ powerful ‘brother of God’; ‘MOG’ for that matter. The truth is: I was tempted. Only two options remained and I had to act fast. It was either I moved towards her quickly in victory or I turned back into my room with my emotions defeated. Honestly, the former felt the best.

I began to reason out the implications of my thought process. If I eventually see them, “what effect will it have on my body?”, “How would I cope with the image the rest of the day?”. And true, I knew what the answers were.

If indeed I set my eyes on them, it is certain desires will arise within me and further temptations will follow. In no time I will be staring at every other lady’s chest on the road. I remember a friend who accidentally saw a lady’s turquoise blue underwear one morning and all he saw the rest of the day was turquoise blue. It was like everything on the street had turquoise blue colors that day. I couldn’t deceive myself. If I ever follow my desires, no anointing will be able to help me. The only way out was to turn around now. This was my own way of escape: to turn away. But it seemed so hard.

With the last strand of strength in me, with all the motivation I could conjure, I turned back into my room in defeat. I felt really sad. “Why does life have to be so hard? Why can’t you just go ahead and get all you want?” I said to myself. It was only seconds after, that my senses came back to me and I realized the joy of my victory, as I felt joy in heaven. As I stepped into the room, I’m sure my roommate must have seen the same ‘word-epistle’ that left a few minutes before but couldn’t have guessed what I had just gone through.

Some of you may say, ‘Bòbó yìí o ò ti è le!” and conclude it is no big deal to keep staring lustfully at a lady’s boobs. Yes! No big deal you say, but you can’t even stand looking at her chest for a minute before your whole body starts vibrating and your lose your calm and control. No big deal, yet the next minute, you’re off trying to find a place to jerk off. No big deal, yet you hide from the world to masturbate; incurring on yourself future sexual dissatisfaction, social withdrawal, low self-confidence, abnormal urge for sex, to mention a few of the numerous effects of masturbation. If it’s no big deal for you, it is for me. It is a big deal for me to abide in purity. It is a big deal for me to think about things that are pure…. It is a big deal for me to desist from all sexual immoralities.

And for those of you that may say, “sé ìwo lo pa Jésù ni? (na you kill Jesus), Yes! I killed him. Didn’t you hear he died for me?

My point is:
We can all make use of some decency. The fact that the world has gone mad does not mean we should lose our mind also.

Today, I survived. I have more strength for tomorrow. I can only shout: “Holy Spirit, na your hand I dey o”.



So, here’s my question, one I’m sure the ladies will want answers to:
What is it about the female body that just gets the male’s attention?
Is it about her body in itself?
Or what we’ve been told about it?
Is it an inevitable that we just must learn to deal with?

Guys, y’all need to help me out.

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Olalekan Owonikoko