Adéọlá mi,

You make everything better.
Every single thing, my honeysoaked sweetness.


Every beautiful day, I type your name.
Or the first letter.
And I mean, every beautiful day.
When I absentmindedly type something, it starts with D.

And I think about you, and smile..
Sometimes, with some sweeth fury because I’m just trying to work and here you are again, bugging me with thoughts of your sweet smile in all its naughty shades. With your not so deep dimples.

I love the way you serenade my life with the music of you. The music you create is so beautiful and I love every note you have shed. Then when the sound is off, the music of you rings through my night and in the day, it warms my every smile.

The rest, my darling is not for people to read, baby. I will whisper them words where it matters the most, in front of you, catching every glance and…

For God so loved me, he gave me you.

Cheers to growing old with the one who caught my fall-in-love, tí mò ń fọ́ fún with everything!

Mary Afolabi.

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