An Opinion on Oau School Fee Hike

I wrote this just now in response to a classmate who said this: “Seriously whose side are u on? Really, this is not about school fees anymore. It’s about resuming early and finishing sch. Education is for all, Yes! But people that can’t afford education this age and time should stop slowing down people who […]

Mother of the mother of Destiny

She did everything she could But it was not enough Thank God for the ASUU strike She is now a grandmother – Mother of the Mother of Destiny

Mother of Destiny

She gave birth to her child during the last ASUU strike Now her boyfriend wants a second child So she’s praying: Dear Lord, Send another ASUU strike!


What would have been his fault? He came during the last ASUU strike Now he has to go to for lectures As he is carefully placed on her back Yet, he couldn’t have come unplanned For his name is Destiny.