This is August

This is August

The past six months of my life have been crazy. And even more, the last two years. It’s been challenging. Maybe not the most challenging phase of my life, but the peculiarity of this time, made it stand out. I had never thought I’d be a victim of many of the things I encountered, recently. […]

These Hands

Hallelujah, these hands move again.

I had thought I’d be one to boast of always having something to write. That my hands, no matter what moments, can always find words to pour out. Until life happened.


It’s a new season. It’s a new time. These new writings are different from the previous ones. And in many ways inspired differently. The first set of writings came from a a young man who had it figured out, or at least, had hope that it was all figured out. From that enthusiasm came the […]

Quarter-Life Crises

For what it’s worth, I thought of naming this new writings ‘Pre-mid life crises’. Pre because it’s too early to have a mid-life crises. Mid-life because it seems it is the resolution or non-resolution of this crises that lays the foundation of the real mid-life crises. I think I’ll settle for quarter-life crises. These are […]


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