New Beginnings

Thank you for a wonderful 2017. Let’s rock 2018 together. A new beginning provides us space to gasp in places we have run out of breath A new beginning takes the crippling guilt of our previous failures away A new beginning allows us the chance to lay the failures of our yesterdays aside A new […]

Day Twenty Five- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

​To You Who faithfully journeyed 2016 with me Who was at the receiving end of my incessant rantings Who was too nice to oppose my gibberish Who hold back wisdom to let my ignorance thrive To all who accept me, and my writings Who like, share, comment, and encourage me Who have been blessed, enlightened, […]

#40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

​As this year comes to an end, what are you grateful to God for? Join me in this: #40DaysAppreciation Challenge …as I reflect on the things I’m grateful for. Wednesday, 7th December – Sunday, 15th January, 2017. Feel free to join in. Reflect, give thanks, and share. Use #40DaysAppreciation Or mention @theimisiOluwa