Day Twenty Four

To the Facebook evangelists And WhatsApp revivalists Who daily load us with words Words that have been kept from us for long Words of faith, of truth, and of grace Who echo the silent questions of our hearts Who engage our minds in spirit intelligence Who help us revive good thinking Who save us from […]

Day Twenty Two- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

To Music for Development Team, Crew, and Volunteers You never seize to amaze me Your strength and passion To impact the world with music Is beautiful and encouraging For all the times you heeded the call For all the times you showed up For all the times you gave For all the times you made […]

Day Twenty One- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To the corrupt leaders Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria The known and unknown Who secretly dismantle the fibers of this nation “awon eni ibi, awon eeyan k’eyan To n gbenu okuku To n tafa sinu imole We thank you Abi what shall we do? Even though we know you won’t last It’s your children […]

Day Eighteen- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

To the blind The deaf The dumb You never seize to amaze me How do you cope How do you do it For me, I think you experience life in a different level A spectrum of existence others don’t know about I think you brain and mind is lot more developed Than the ones many […]

Day Eleven- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

To the Suicidal And the Suicided Who endured till the last minute Till the cup of hope tipped over Pouring through the sandy floor Never to be picked up again “Kaka ke ku maje sese” kind of a thing I’ve been wondering What could have caused it? Who could have caused it? How terrible it […]

Day Ten- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

​To those who have lost loved ones Who have experienced the pain of goodbyes Who can’t imagine how to live with this absence Whose mind are running wild with memories Memories of words, touch, looks, and moments “I remember the first time I met her” “Oh, I wish dad was around to witness this day” […]