Why Did You Say ‘Yes’?

Did you say ‘Yes’ to me or to my persistence
The fact that I stayed true to the moments
Of toasting, wooing, and waiting for your response

The Way to Love Her

#LoveWednesday All they’ve ever told us was to find a woman who fits A woman who aligns with our purpose, who wouldn’t be a setback One who will help us fulfil our dreams, who fits our temperaments One who is not necessarily called to the Apostolic ministry So that while we are away saving the […]

#LoveWednesday #Adeola-mi Will you recognize me If I show up at the door of your heart, Introducing as the man of your dreams, The one you’ve always prayed for? Will you comprehend it If I tell you I really do like you; How I have sleepless nights thinking of you As you remind me of […]

The Case of the Man with the Woman

#LoveWednesday In my society, the man is the initiator The woman is the receiver I didn’t write the code, that’s how I met it Maybe because ‘Adam was first formed’ But then, I’m not a fan of ‘Insanity’ Except it is producing desired results She has been taught to only receive So she sits there […]

What a New Year Day! Do Dreams Come True?

It was 2’ O clock in the afternoon when he heard the first foot step approach the gate since the afternoon. “This is it!” he thought, “at least whatever cooking should have been completed by now”. But the woman only greeted him and walked away. No plate in her hands. No bottle. No money. “God, […]

The Day Fela Durotoye Came

As I watched Fela Durotoye deliver his message in Amphitheatre on the O.A.U campus on Tuesday night, 22nd of April, tears began to fill my eyes. The tears wasn’t a mere reaction to emotions, but of a deeper realization of truth. As he shared the story of his Big Dreams, Small Start, and Quick Growth, […]