The Way to Love Her

#LoveWednesday All they’ve ever told us was to find a woman who fits A woman who aligns with our purpose, who wouldn’t be a setback One who will help us fulfil our dreams, who fits our temperaments One who is not necessarily called to the Apostolic ministry So that while we are away saving the […]

In Choosing A Lady

I’m careful in choosing the lady to whom the burden of my life will rest I’m very careful, not for my sake, but for hers You see it’s not just enough to like the way he talks Not enough that he has good characters Not enough that he is in a good career path Not […]

Mother of the mother of Destiny

She did everything she could But it was not enough Thank God for the ASUU strike She is now a grandmother – Mother of the Mother of Destiny


What would have been his fault? He came during the last ASUU strike Now he has to go to for lectures As he is carefully placed on her back Yet, he couldn’t have come unplanned For his name is Destiny.


Produced by:  
Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
Cover Art:



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