Sealed With A Kiss

I stumbled on some secret love letters from Adeola-mi recently, and it brought nostalgia. I could still feel the emotions like it was just yesterday. This one is from my birthday five years ago, and I just want you to read it. It feels so great to be loved)     “Sweetheart, this is unedited […]


#RandomTots (A follow-up on ‘ODE TO A BROWN SKINNED BELLE’) Very rarely will you see such beauty Fair as the evening setting sun Yet, it’s her voice that sets me ablaze A fire that can never be quenched From her first note to the last She evokes feelings of inexplicable melancholy Pardon my over-admiration I […]

Drifting Away From Love

#ItisPossible Is this how one begins to drift away from love? Is this how ones heart begins to glow for another? Is this how relationships eventually break? Is this how an affair begins to take place? All she had was her sensitivity She seems to be able to pick out the slightest changes in my […]