Courtesy by Flourish

The past moments have been so wonderful with you. Thank you for being there. Again, here I am to say that you are welcome to PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. (I have an important announcement after today’s musing. Please, stay tuned.) Let us do some English class here. What is Courtesy? (pauses for a minute to […]

RANDOMs by Flourish

Highly esteemed Muser, thank you for coming with me for another beautiful moment. Welcome to PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. I am sure that we are ready for another musing. Sit back (or put your head on that cozy pillow) and let us muse. Whenever you hear the word RANDOM, what does it mean to you? […]

Coming Up Next

Welcome to my world! For every time we spend together, I am grateful. This is to thank you for tuning in to PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. Musing after musing after musing after musing (please, sing-along). Today’s will be fun and meditative too. Do stay with me and enjoy! Kindly look at this order of photograph […]

Cutting by Flourish

Hello, dear one. I am saying a big WELCOME TO PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. Thank you for sharing in my musings. It’s a beautiful nighttime and I am really glad to share this moment with you again. Without further ado, let us dive into the musing for tonight. Cut… Wait! Hold on! What was the […]

PILLOW TALK- What you may need to know.

Greetings to that special one reading this. Happy Easter to you wherever you are at. May we never lose the consciousness that the season brings. I am Flourish, the one who shall be sharing her musings with you for a couple of days to come. Hence, I will love to intimate you on the whole […]


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