Maybe, Maybe Not

We did good the first time we did this We tried, and heaven can bear us witness But we failed, not without good intentions Maybe loving a woman is a thankless job Forget the credits, forget payback The last thing you expect Is the kind of love you give Forget recompense She’ll try, in bits, […]

A Couple of Things

A myriad of things while there is time To be done while the minutes chime beat the sands of time in the hour-glass Make memorial prints on the lewd grass A couple of phrases to calm the crowd Sweet words to cheer the woman who weeps loud Patient communion to soothe the angry Sweet Elixir […]

Soul take courage

Photo Credits: My mind is filled with whores of worries I only hope it doesn’t wear out eventually Yet life continues Many responsibilities waiting to be handled. Yet a man must learn to rejoice in himself Cos all these ones, They ain’t gonna give you a lasting one So I say to myself, Soul […]