To All Whose Names Are Written In The Book Of Life

Day Twelve To all my friends whose names are written in the book of life Who have passed from death to life Who are seated together in the heavenlies Who, by faith in Jesus, have received righteousness Who war not after the flesh Partakers of the divine life Who have eaten God and have become […]

To The Peddlers of the Law

Day Nine To the peddlers of the Law Those who preach the consuming fire Who have passports to hell And make frequent trips there Who sell fear, guilt, and rejection And the religious pickpockets The professional ones, and the upcoming The ones you find in Oshodi park And the ones with big cathedrals (Apologies for […]

I’m Grateful for PastorsĀ 

From the time of the Cross, the gospel has been handed over to faithful men who have since committed it to other faithful men. Tonight, I appreciate everyone who has, and who labors in the word diligently. From our Sunday school teachers to our pastors and all.

I am Grateful for Love.

When you haven’t fallen so hard, disappointed yourself, and done the things you’ve promised God…no, boasted to God you’ll never do, it’s easy to stand on the streets and talk about God’s judgement,….

Oruko Nla by Joesong.

Joesong is back with a massive and powerful worship hit, titled: Oruko Nla (Great Name) this is a unique one as it will get you declaring how great the name of Jesus is. It reveals the potency of the name Jesus and the mighty wonders the name wroth. Philippians 2:9 -10 [maxbutton id=”15″ url=”” text=”Download” […]

I AM FREE by Daniels El’Shazzar

I Am FREE Daniels El’Shazzar 1 ABOUT THE SONG This is a song of affection and love for the savior, declaring what he did through pain, on agony of death. It is a song of rejoicing, as we become liberated by his death and resurrection (Psa 124:7 Our soul is escaped as a bird out […]

Imagine This!

Imagine if Grace isn’t all you think it is… Imagine if Christ had to always die at the end of every century…. to take away all the sins of that century… Imagine if Christ had to die every time a sin is committed… Imagine if the death of Christ was sufficient only for those alive […]

Exegesis and It’s Antagonists

It is quite funny, or rather sad, that the people, my pastors and friends alike, who emphasized “exegesis” as a way to understanding God’s mind while they disputed my ‘mummy’s generation’s’ understanding of the scriptures along the lines of ‘covering the hair’, ‘wearing trousers’, ‘women holding leadership positions in the church’, ‘shouting Jesus seven times […]

On Church and Pastoring

If I and God ever come around the idea of me pastoring a church, that’s if there’s ever that space left, I know exactly the kind of church it is going to be. And it’s very exciting. And that’s the problem. I largely think churches in Nigeria are owned by the man of God. It’s […]

Day Twenty Four- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To the Facebook evangelists And WhatsApp revivalists Who daily load us with words Words that have been kept from us for long Words of faith, of truth, and of grace Who echo the silent questions of our hearts Who engage our minds in spirit intelligence Who help us revive good thinking Who save us from […]


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