Physician, Heal Thyself

A beloved friend of mine said some days ago, and I will just paraphrase here, “sometimes, you get tired of self healing and you just wish someone would heal you instead”. Now isn’t that some food for thought? Well, for me, it is. It really is. Immediately I read his words, I understood what he […]

Let It Not Be

  Adeola-mi, Let it not be That we were driven by our senses By our sense of sight and its prospects That of curves and symmetry Let it not be That our taste led us here The very things that drive our appetites That of skin color and contours Let it not be That we […]

A Dark Night

I clearly remember How dark it was that night Light being quietly estranged Shadows were in full might I couldn’t control me Speech failed, countenance changed Another heart enraged The darkness became worse We both fought for freedom But the darkness ate deep Deeper into our heart And we couldn’t see through Oh, a night […]


Produced by:  
Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
Cover Art:



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