Something I always think “What if…” About

Something I always think "What if…" About

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First Flight

34,000 miles above sea level and I’m looking around me, wondering why I am alone at this moment of my life. And no, it isn’t because of the two love birds seated in front of me, locking arms, gisting, and laughing above the engine noise. No, it isn’t because I am alone on this trip, […]

The Day I Fell

#PersonalNotes Few months ago, I fell I fell while trying to ride a bike without being prepared for it. I had only taken a mental note of how it could possibly work, and I had believed I could do it. Of course, I had been ridding my bicycle all around the street of Surulere Or […]

Tell Her Not To Worry

#LoveWednesday Tell her not to be scared Tell him not to worry nor fret Tell her not to be afraid Tell him not to be dismayed     That marriages fail does not mean his will That hearts break is no reason hers will   Only tell her to look ahead, unto Love To keep […]


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