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All, Life, Love

Maybe, Maybe Not 

We did good the first time we did this We tried, and heaven can bear us witness But we failed, not without good intentions Maybe loving a woman is a thankless job Forget the credits, forget payback The last thing you expect Is the kind…


I can only smile 

What a way to end a day! Waiting all along, perhaps for a change Bitter, dreams are been shattered Never knew how much it mattered The heart cried, but no yonder could it herald Face swollen, the tears had to fight Two and a half…

Life, LoveWednesday, Poetry

A Dark Night 

I clearly remember How dark it was that night Light being quietly estranged Shadows were in full might I couldn’t control me Speech failed, countenance changed Another heart enraged The darkness became worse We both fought for freedom But the darkness ate deep Deeper into…

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