Change and Our Vulnerabilities

Perhaps, the sign that we are not going to change is that deep emotional sensation we feel, just after we’ve done it, that makes us so sure we are not going to do it again. “Walahi, I’ll never do it again.”, we say. By that feelings, we are so certain we won’t. It’s not like […]

New Beginnings

Thank you for a wonderful 2017. Let’s rock 2018 together. A new beginning provides us space to gasp in places we have run out of breath A new beginning takes the crippling guilt of our previous failures away A new beginning allows us the chance to lay the failures of our yesterdays aside A new […]

Recalibrating the Prodigal Son

#RandomTots   Could it ever have been possible for the prodigal son to ever understand? I mean, you have life going sweet for you; everything you’ve ever desired: money, booze, girls, affluence, etc…only that his accountant was not sincere with him. I believe it’s not easy to suddenly drop these things and head right back […]


#randomtots I left the gates yesterday A journey of no return Dead or Alive My gaze is fixed Uncertain of my Success But I know what I’m leaving Even if I don’t make it there I’m glad I won’t be here. (C) 2015, Imisioluwa. (Answer to the riddle: Àpónlé and Àbùkù. For the Yorubas will […]

Loneliness and Aloneness

A man ( and a woman also) must intentionally create moments of loneliness for himself; times when he is left with nobody but himself; times when he is stripped of all such embellishments and additions; times when he is naked, where he sees himself for who he is, and void of the glamour, misrepresentation and […]


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