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Life, RandomTots

New Beginnings 

Thank you for a wonderful 2017. Let’s rock 2018 together. A new beginning provides us space to gasp in places we have run out of breath A new beginning takes the crippling guilt of our previous failures away A new beginning allows us the chance…

Life, Poetry


#randomtots I left the gates yesterday A journey of no return Dead or Alive My gaze is fixed Uncertain of my Success But I know what I’m leaving Even if I don’t make it there I’m glad I won’t be here. (C) 2015, Imisioluwa. (Answer…

Faith, Life

Loneliness and Aloneness 

A man ( and a woman also) must intentionally create moments of loneliness for himself; times when he is left with nobody but himself; times when he is stripped of all such embellishments and additions; times when he is naked, where he sees himself for…

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