In Choosing A Lady

I’m careful in choosing the lady to whom the burden of my life will rest I’m very careful, not for my sake, but for hers You see it’s not just enough to like the way he talks Not enough that he has good characters Not enough that he is in a good career path Not […]

The Life of a Lady 1

#LoveWednesday #Adeola-mi The life of a lady amazes me, yet I’ll never understand what it means to be one or how she copes. She is under constant pressure and abuse, not physical alone now but emotionally, and religiously. Has she done wrong by being beautiful and of a good character?, yet we won’t let her […]


I will humble myself and accept that I love you I will put my ego aside and let you know I really do I will leave my comfort to make you feel the best I will do all I can to make you, in me, find rest But really, I won’t erase my inmost persuasions […]

My Choice

I won’t say I have been perfect in all ways But i wonder how many times I will fall before getting my path straight Now it occurs to me that a man’s problems are not really those caused by others But what he chooses or chooses not to do Believe me, if a man can […]


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Ayodeji Ogunleye
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