#LoveWednesday Baby, I miss you so bad So bad that words can’t express But I won’t jump the gun I’ll just wait till the time is right Here’s what I’m gonna do Here’s how I’ll spend my waiting days Waiting till you’re finally mine Soul of my soul, flesh of my flesh For every time […]


As they say: in life things happen; but at every moment, there is always a before, a now, and a after. So…one thing led to another and I was off Whatsapp for a while-maybe a little more than a while. However, Bí o bá nídìí, obìnrin ó kín jé ‘kúmólú’, but then, bówó omodé ò […]

My Birthday Thoughts 2.

Read 1st part here.…At 21, a man should have had reasonable things to count on Things he can share with people and celebrate But here I am No school accomplishment Company not established Gifts not fully explored Just going around with dreams as though that is all Wasting away in the name of sacrificing While […]