To The Music Development Crew

Day Twenty Two To Music for Development Team, Crew, and Volunteers You never seize to amaze me Your strength and passion To impact the world with music Is beautiful and encouraging For all the times you heeded the call For all the times you showed up For all the times you gave For all the […]

Overwhelmed (3)

The pain of a break up can kill It is lethal, and many never recover Perhaps like an amputated leg Nothing can ever suffice for it Yet more deadly is the bondage of wrong love Like Cancer, It eats you up from within It’s enough to paralyze mentally Like the itsy bitsy spider, it’s failure […]

The Frustration

The frustration That makes us lose our inhibitions Trying to meet up with others But often swept under Yearning for our voices to be heard But never making it pass our beards The frustration That makes us ignore our passions “Anything!, just get me out of the backstage” Feeling no shame on our faces It’s […]

Love Is Sweet When…

#LoveWednesday#Adeola-mi Love is sweet when… All is seemingly okay and it seems she has all the right words to sayTraffic is lighter and emotions flow from one to another She agrees to walk home so you could hold handsHer ‘atlas’ and ‘yanshicamara’ is well packagedShe hugs you tight and your pulse increases But what happens […]


Produced by:  
Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
Cover Art:



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