Day Thirty Six – #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To all the virgins The all-time virgins And those of 2016 In heart, mind, and body Who kept themselves chaste Who resisted the pressure of haste Who were willing to wait Nor for lack of a better option Or raging emotions But who know what value is Who were determined to stand still Whose character […]

To The Single Brother

#Lovewednesday My heart goes out to the single brother (and sister), especially the one who has been ‘double’ before; who has once tasted love. He has had his heart entwined with another and it’s now hard to stand alone. He has tasted the sweetness of ‘the two that becomes one’. He has known what it […]

When I Look at Her

#LoveWednesday When I look at her The woman whose prayers will bless my marriage The woman in whose womb Adeola-mi had been giving a chance to survive I see the cry of every mother and my heart bleeds She sees this young guy going around with her daughter Proclaiming his love beyond his coffers and […]


#LatePost #LoveWednesday I thought she was beautiful That she took my breath away Didn’t know it was there all along By that, I mean my breath Until this very morning Apparently, it was the light At the cinema last night Not the one from above but from the screen Shinning in the darkness That cascaded […]