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All, Love

Evaluating our Love 

I’m thinking… I’m thinking that many times we go into love with the certainty that we already have the capacity required to carry it through. We assume that the mere fact that we feel so strongly about each other is enough energy to sustain us,…

All, Love

Forgive Us 

Forgive us if we’re ever still hopeful In this sea of contrary evidence Innuendos, signs, and convincing Nos That this desire of ours can ever be so Forgive us really, for holding on longer Believing there’s still a chance, ever so slightly That perhaps, in…


Love Wednesday 

It feels rather odd, at this stage, and at this age, to be writing romantic love pieces to an imaginary belle, but what’s a man supposed to do? Not to pressure myself or whatnot, but really, it feels quite odd. I’m doing it notwithstanding because…

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