Ehm, you look really good. I know you don’t know me(I just got to know your name from your social media handle😂) but I admire you from afar. I hope you had a great day.


My love! The one I love so deeply I can’t explain. I have unlocked new levels of love I never knew existed. I love how handsome you are. The curve of your spine, the side smiles you give, the little specs of gray hair on your head. I love how you do your best to […]

Dear blooming flower

Only God and Edward Cullen (of twighlight) know how long I’ve waited to find you. There is no denying I would wait over and over again if it would be you coming over and over again. I love you and adore you. I could almost worship you cause it seems you belong in the heavens. […]

Adeola Mi ..

It’s cute how your name is actually the # challenge. We met some years back younger in age and sense not knowing what we were doing and watched the flames we once had died. Fastforward to 2021,we reconnected and this time I’d say I never believed in true love or soul mates as I do […]

Ayotemi nikan

Thank you babe for the so much joy you bring to my life. Truly you are God sent to me and I will choose you yesterday, today and forever. Love you my darling

Dear Adeola Mi

It’s another Valentine’s , and you are nowhere to be found. Every year I swear that you would find me, but you never do. I’ll keep waiting till the day your eyes are opened to see that I’m right in your front, and when you do, I will first give you a knock sha. My […]

My Love

A Godly relationship is worth the wait and I will wait for you, my love.


Oreoluwasimi, such a beaut to behold. It’s just one day in the year, but you should know that I love you every day and every moment because you’re One of the best gifts of God to me. The more time we spend together, the more we fall in love with each other. Happy Valentine’s! I […]

Dear Adeola-mi,

Much more than our random middays, midnights, half-asleep and wide awake “I love you” thank you for constantly showing me that you love me. Your love is an action word, you are constantly doing. I love you but that doesn’t capture it all, I’m very much in love with the way that you love me. […]

Thoughts of You

Little Lines – 01 It was first the thought for me; the thought of you, that is. The thought that someone could be described as you were, that someone like you really exists. As I heard the words off my friend’s mouth, and the many appellations they adored you with, I was in awe. At […]