Imagine This!

Imagine if Grace isn’t all you think it is… Imagine if Christ had to always die at the end of every century…. to take away all the sins of that century… Imagine if Christ had to die every time a sin is committed… Imagine if the death of Christ was sufficient only for those alive […]

Day Two – #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

When you haven’t fallen so hard, disappointed yourself, and done the things you’ve promised God…no, boasted to God you’ll never do, it’s easy to stand on the streets and talk about God’s judgement, his other side, his anger and all such thing.  I look at my life today, not from a book, nor from what […]

Religious Threats

I had always thought people should be saints in places where full sharia’’ is practiced. I have always expected people to never do wrong in such places where there are heavy penalties but to my surprise, they appear to be even more notorious. There you see people charged for adultery, for gang-rape, incest etc. You […]

The Man who Never Falls

The man who never falls… Little by little he moves on Crawling but he never falls Gradually he gains speed Navigating cluelessness and utter confusion He hits a break wall but he never stops Till he finds his way circumventing the maze Now he’s walking Through the confusion of his adulthood Combating webs of doubts, […]

Frustrating the Devil.

As for me, I’ve decided to frustrate the devil by adding to the frustration he had entered since calvary. I admit I may not have lived perfectly right all throughout this past week, but then, I won’t give the devil a reason to rejoice by letting that push me away from God. I won’t let […]

From A Naughty Boy

To tell you am sorry is like the same song you keep hearing from me You have been patient enough Only dearly as a father would be But to call you Father is to underestimate you Even those who were better than I were only close I come Oh lord to tell what I am […]