To the Corrupt Politicians

Day Twenty One To the corrupt leaders Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria The known and unknown Who secretly dismantle the fibers of this nation “àwon eni ibi, àwon èèyàn k’éèyàn Tó ń gbénú òkùkù, tó ń t’afà sínú ìmólè” We thank you, àbí what shall we do? Even though we know you won’t last […]

To The Music Practitioners

Day Twenty To the greatest people on earth Saviors and sailors of this world The thermostat that regulates our social enclaves Who painstakingly weave words in beautiful melodies Who give us companions to take us through the difficult nights Who give healing to our troubled souls Who put dance beneath our feet Who inject instructions […]

To Those Searching for Survival

Day Nineteen To everyone who wake up On one morning or the other In a country like this Not knowing what to do, where to go What to eat, Nor where to sleep Dispersed across the Big Cities of this world Home and lost abroad Who wake up only seeking opportunities Whatever their hands shall […]

To All Who Embraced Grace

Day Seventeen To all who embraced Grace Who worked harder than the rest Who did the most difficult task of believing Of believing the Gospel Of taking God for who He is And what he said he has done Those who daily give the glory to Jesus Not a show of their strength Who let […]

To The Single Mothers

Day Fourteen To the single mothers To the single daddies Saviours of a rather odious circle It’s even not about what happened Nor a question of how you got here But of your endurance and optimism Of your emerging response-ability How you manage to keep going on Your head above the murky oceans Of guilt, […]

To All Whose Names Are Written In The Book Of Life

Day Twelve To all my friends whose names are written in the book of life Who have passed from death to life Who are seated together in the heavenlies Who, by faith in Jesus, have received righteousness Who war not after the flesh Partakers of the divine life Who have eaten God and have become […]

To The Suicidal

Day Eleven To the Suicider And the Suicided Who endured till the last minute Till the cup of hope tipped over Pouring through the sandy floor Never to be picked up again “Kaka ke ku maje sese” kind of a thing I’ve been wondering What could have caused it? Who could have caused such pain? […]

To Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones

Day Ten To those who have lost loved ones Who have experienced the pain of goodbyes Who can’t imagine how to live with this absence Whose mind are running wild with memories Memories of words, touch, looks, and moments “I remember the first time I met her” “Oh, I wish dad was around to witness […]

To The Peddlers of the Law

Day Nine To the peddlers of the Law Those who preach the consuming fire Who have passports to hell And make frequent trips there Who sell fear, guilt, and rejection And the religious pickpockets The professional ones, and the upcoming The ones you find in Oshodi park And the ones with big cathedrals (Apologies for […]

Twice Beaten

In the matters of Love… ‘Once beaten twice shy’ is not really about the beating, but the shame that accompanies it. There are several reasons why this shame is killing. One is the ‘shy'(shame) of having to see yourself in such sorry state. Maybe because you have previously thought of yourself to be strong and […]


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Ayodeji Ogunleye
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